March 10, 2010

Spring in Central Asia

If there ever was a 'right' time to visit Central Asia, spring would be it!
Weather is getting warmer, with day time temperatures on average up to 15 C (60 F),
or on sunny days even well over 20 C (80 F).
And the nature. The nature, it is amazing!
The hills that first have been depressingly brown and gray and dusty in the fall, and later depressingly brown and gray and muddy for the winter, turn sweet green almost overnight. First flowers, wild tulips and irises and tiny yellow flowers I do not recognize appear everywhere and it is beautiful!

The fruit trees start blooming, and that is why I climbed upstairs this morning and spent a long time trying to get a picture of our plum tree flowers that would be in focus.
I need to read the manual.

The cherry tree is blooming as well, but I have to pull the tape off the living room windows in order to open it in order to get a close up shot of the flowers.
But I am enjoying the weather soooo much.

We are planning what to plant in the garden. I am trying to remember to water the rose sticks we put into the ground in the front of our house. We are hoping they will make roots and start growing. Most of the times it is that easy here. You put a stick to the ground and it starts growing!

Here is a picture of 'our' climbing rose. It blooms once a summer, May-June, and it was one of the reasons why we wanted to rent this house almost three years ago.

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