March 14, 2010

Little friends

This is our youngest. She is wonderful. She is the reason why I think I want to have many more babies. She is cute, sleeps well, is so cute, so much fun, she has the most wonderful giggles. Did I mention she is cute, too?

Here she is in all her cuteness. She is laying on a local mattress, filled with real cotton. The real white stuff. Central Asians use the mattresses for chairs, sofas and beds.

We had visitors, and Miss Cute could play with a friend who is just two weeks younger than she is. Miss Cute was wearing a head scarf for the first time, and of course she looked really cute.

"Hi! Welcome! Wanna play?"

Her friend looks like a doll. Miss Cute is getting really excited by seeing her mom *ahem* behind the camera.
"Hi mom!"

Then she remembers that she has a visitor. It is important not to forget your visitors in this culture. "Hi dolly! It is great to have you visiting. Let's do something fun together!"

But then she just has to check if mom is still there. "Hi mommy!". "Here I am cutie!" the mom assures her. "Why don't you go and play with your friend? I'll be right here." "Dolly, let us see some smiles here!"

Dolly is finally warming up for the photos. See, she is smiling! Or maybe she is just wondering who is touching her head. Cutie: "Me like your hat. Me like your pink hat very much! Me want to feel that white little thing on your hat"

"Got it! Let me see it for a moment! I just want to have a little taste, you know, to see if I would like to have a hat like this." Poor dolly. She is wearing so many clothes that she cannot move. She is totally helpless. Her host is pulling her hat. She is loosing her smile.

"Oh! I cannot pull her hat? Not polite? Oh, okay, sorry Dolly, I just got so excited about that white round thing, you know..." I am not sure if Dolly is going to cry or laugh. She probably does not know either...

I want to have more babies!

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