March 19, 2010

Art and Architecture

I admire the use of colors in Central Asia. I have seen things that would not appear in our home countries. For example, I would have never thought of painting the police station deep pink, or the theater mint green.

Then there is the colorful, complicated and beautiful designs that I won't attempt to explain in words. Let the pictures speak!

These pictures are from a botanical garden last weekend. We really enjoyed our walk in the park.

This is the main gate, just recently build:

What about this tile work for your kitchen?

Somebody got a sore neck for all this painting!

This is an entrance for a little post...guards maybe?

I read the camera manual and learned how to take close-up focus pictures of flowers. Soooo beautiful!

A wooden structure, where you can nestle with your love bird...can you see them? And our kids in the front riding sheep.

There is some pretty amazing wood work in Central Asia!

Funny faces in old tree trunks...

Beautiful wood work.

I should go back and see how this tree looks like now. Funny buds!

How about your wedding in this open air hall?

And then more down to earth benches...I like this style a lot!

Fun yellow flowers growing in curvy branches.

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