August 31, 2010

33 - Tuesday

I have always liked this day. The last day of summer, I have named it. Tomorrow is September, which in Finnish is called the autumn month. Today is still summer, green, light and warm. Bees are buzzing, children wearing shorts and flip flops; we are drinking sun tea with ice. Tomorrow we start looking for woolen socks, stocking wood by our fireplaces, lighting candles in the evening when we are drinking a cup of hot tea. Changing colors in the trees. Rain and thunder. Grass will be frozen white one morning before you know it.

Well, not in Central Asia where we were sweating today because of the heat and the humidity, but, you know, in the real world. The world out there. Somewhere, over the rainbow…

But today is also my birthday. I really like the fact that my birthday is on the 31st, because not every month has a 31st day. So it is special! Also, my husband’s birthday is on 31st (except not in August) so we are a perfect match. It is a sign.

Because it is my birthday, I am going to write a list of 33 things. I am 33 years old, so I should be able to come up with 33 interesting facts of me. I hope. I think it is going to be fun!

1. I am 33 years old today.
2. I have 3 children. Wonderful, crazy, lively children.
3. I have one husband, BUT I have been proposed for 3 times. I said yes to the third guy! ( I am really going for the number 3 here. Let’s see how many points I can make with it).
4. We have lived in this country, in this city, for 3 years.
5. It is my 3rd Central Asian city I have lived in.
6. I have lived in 3 (three) European countries; Finland, naturally, Germany and England.
7. I have visited 3 states in US; Oregon, Washington and California (I am not listing one stop at the JFK airport).
8. I can have a deep conversation with you in 3 languages.
9. I believe in one God, the Trinity, the unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit (not Father, Son and Virgin Mary as some people mistakenly think).
10. I love reading. I could write it 3 times here, it is just something I. love. to. do.
11. My top 3 favorite novel authors are Maeve Binchy, John Grisham and Agatha Christie.
12. I really enjoy books by Henri J.M. Nouwen, Philip Yancey, C.S. Lewis and Elisabeth Elliot.
13. I have books on 3 continents.
14. One day I will write something. Something.
15. I love second hand shops. The surprises, the treasures. And of course the price!
16. In my dreams I own a second hand-books-and-coffee shop. Even though I do not love coffee. It is just to get people in. Pure cold blooded calculation.
17. I have had to learn to cook from scratch since moving to Central Asia 6 years ago. Not much pre-prepared food here!
18. I value and appreciate the gift of motherhood. It is a gift. Every child is a gift, and a healthy baby is a miracle!
19. I am looking forward to homeschooling my kids and I know I will learn a lot with them!
20. I am learning to have a quiet heart in the midst of the busiest days and the most challenging environments.
21. I choose cakes over cookies and chocolate over anything else.
22. Nutella jars quiver with fear at my approach.
23. Earl Grey tea with sugar and milk, please.
24. The longest I can go without washing my hair is three days. Even if I have to carry the water from the neighbors through the snow and ice and heat it on fire, I have to have my hair washed!
25. If you look into my closet you see a bunch of weird dresses in shades of red, purple and violet. One green, one brown and two blue. No yellow, no orange.
26. I need to go shopping.
27. Last time I had a dress made I cried. Not from joy.
28. I enjoy reading decorating magazines and blogs. I have a Romantic season going on.
29. I had to sweep the yard really well yesterday, because we had over hundred men doing their prayers on our yard last night.
30. No kidding.
31. Tomorrow night we will have 27 adults over for breaking the Muslim fast- meal. I am looking forward to it.
32. I love having guests come over. But I like the table setting more than cooking.
33. One day I will learn to get up early and not bite everyone’s head off. Tomorrow? Time to bed.


  1. Good one Hennis. The three proposals thing caught me off guard though!

  2. Henna Maria! What a fun thing to read! And several of them I concur with. I will join you in your used book coffee shop. Although I do love coffee. But I also love tea -- English breakfast with milk, so I think we could serve both. And #33 is a good goal. I'll have to add that to my list of goals.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog Chaleen! Let's get together next time we come to US and plan our little book/coffee/everything else nice-shop! I am looking forward to reading your list now!


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