May 31, 2016

Happy Birthday ...and Surprise!!!

A story of a girl who is not afraid of cold.

She was born 12 years ago. 

She was 2 weeks old when she moved for the first time. Her first move, 6 hours north, was spend snug and happy in a cot, surrounded by boxes and bags and suitcases in a caravan that was so full that you could not enter through the back door.  

During her first year she was on over ten flights, always peaceful. She moved with her family 5 times before they settled in a little, newly remodeled apartment that was their home, where she had her own rose bud room and a gray kitten. 

She is smart and funny and brave.

Loves to read, have sleepovers with her friends, and take care of animals.  

Tall and slender, with long thick hair and blue eyes. 

And would live in the water if we let her!
Now, this year we just might... because...
For her birthday she got a pool. Of course, it is for the whole family, but we filled it for the first time for her Birthday Pool Party! 

And we combined it with a sleepover, so it was perfect.  
We had prepared party games and things to do - but the girls spend the whole time in the pool and the sauna. 

After dinner and a movie I think they might have slept, but by 7 am they were back in the pool, and had sauna going.

True story. 

And a picture of the table for those who are interested in the birthday tables (like me):

The pool is used every day, multiple times by different groups of kids and adults.  Happy times! 

Kevätkuvia kaupungilta - Spring in the city

Perinteinen asu Navruz-juhlan kunniaksi. -   Traditional outfit for Navruz.


Kevään viimeisen päivän kunniaksi kuvia keväisestä kaupungista.  Tyttöjen voimisteluryhmän esiintyminen vei meidät taas keskelle juhlaa Navruzin aikaan.  Napsin puiston läpi kulkiessa kuvia.

In honor of the last day of spring!  Navruz and girls gymnastics group took us in the middle of celebrations.  I snapped some photos when we walked through the park. 

Juhlakatu oli valmiina tärkeitä vieraita varten. Ehdimme sinne juuri kun kojut suljettiin tavalliselta kansalta, joten en ottanut montakaan kuvaa.  

The celebration street is ready for the important guests. We got there just moments after it was closed for the common folk, so I did not take many pictures.  

Ihana kampaus!  -   A lovely hair do! 

Nuoren miehen perinteinen hattu   -   Traditional hat for a young man.

Puistossa herkuttelemassa  -  Enjoying snacks in the park.