August 8, 2011

Finishing Finland

This is something I have been doing for a long time.... lusting over old houses in Finland!  
Not those 50's houses that were build after the war.  Those ones are little too square in their shape for my taste.  
I love the wooden, long, 20's or something houses here! Often 5 or more narrow windows on the side.  
Actually, I have not visited one for a long time.  If you live in a house like that, will you invite me over?  I promise not to drool and envy too much.  

I have already chosen my house, like, 18 years ago.  Just waiting for the owners to finish the remodeling!

These pictures are from an old times market.  Every town has some kind of market happening in the summer, and in our town we have had these old times market for many many years...10 at least? 

My children learned to shoot with a bow and arrow.  Now we can eat moose every week.  Just kidding.

Warrior princess. 

Finnish 'pancakes' look more like French crepes or Russian blinis.

This picture has so many symbolic and nostalgic aspects in it.  

Having porridge (hot oat meal) for breakfast at the wooden kitchen table.
With sugar, butter and milk.
My mom's sugar bowl.

Swimming in a lake in the evening...when you get cold you run into the sauna...

  ...with the aunts and cousins and brothers and sisters.

We had a GREAT summer in Finland.

I think the next post will be from Central Asia!

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