August 20, 2011

For Romantic Souls

I have mentioned before that I must have my romantic season going on...(here and here).  Instead of bright colors of my teenage & twenties era, I am now choosing soft pastels; pink, aqua, Robin Egg blue...  Don't you just love the name Robin Egg Blue?

I found this wonderful magazine in the net...Decorative Artist Jo-Anne Coletti   says she specializes in everything roses and that's all I need to get interested!  I love roses and have been collecting different things with rose theme for years.  I especially love vintage style, faded pastels and soft designs.  And rose buds, my all time favorites!  Hey, I even named my first born daughter 'Rose'...that's her second name. 

So when I heard of this magazine, I just had to take a look.  And the pictures captured me!  Such beauty!  Lots of white, lots of pastels, lots of roses. I love looking at pictures like that! (Am I using too many exclamation marks?) .  This is definitely 'eye candy' for me.  I want to move into her rooms! Go have a look.  She has a giveaway, and I am hoping to win this magazine :) 

Have a rosey weekend!



  1. Juu, onpa lehden kansikuva todella hieno!

  2. Ja kävitkö katsomassa muita kuvia!? Kauhea kotikateus :D


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