July 31, 2011

Muumintroll in a mug

Ask any child in Finland about Moomintroll and his friends, and he will be able to talk about this delightful character in great lengths.

Moomin characters were created by Tove Jansson in 1940s. She published a book, and there has been no end for this saga.  

Moomin family and their funny and weird friends live in Moomin Valley, which is described like this on the Moomin web page www.moomin.fi:

"Its a marvelous valley, full of happy little creatures and blossoming trees. A clear, narrow river flows down from the mountains, winds around the blue Moominhouse, and then vanishes into the neighboring lands, where other creatures wonder where it came form."

Even thought this all started as a story book, I will introduce you to the Moomin mugs by Arabia.

My mom has a collection of these fun mugs and we drink coffee and tea of them every day.  

Many of the characters have gotten their own mug, where their unique characters and likes are displayed really well. 

 Snork Maiden, pretty and kind, loves everything sparkly like all girls do.

 Sniff, sometimes scared, sometimes selfish.

 Snufkin, friend of Moomintroll.

 Moomintroll himself.

 The Hemulen, lover of plants and flowers.  He wears a long dress all the time.

 Sniff also likes money a lot.

 We have two mugs of this romantic story between Moomintroll and Snork Maiden.

 The Groke.  Every good stroy has a bad guy in it.  Icy cold Groke freezes everything he touches.

 Black and white.

 Arabia - from Finland :)

One of the characters, Mymble. 

This mug is a summer seasonal from few years ago.  
It has Moomintrolls mommy Moominmamma...

 ...swimming with funny friendly fishes...

 ...and Moomintrolls dad Moominpappa. He always has his hat with him, even when swimming!

I am not sure what the names of these children are...but Moominmamma takes care of anyone who wonders into their house.

We have DVD series of Moomintrolls adventures and they are so well made and interesting than a parent might put them on just to be able to watch them herself/himself.  Ahem.

I hope you enjoyed a piece of Finnish culture!

This is for my husband!



  1. kuulkaapas mörkö on tyttö!!! eikä edes paha!!! pelottava hieman:((

  2. Tyttö? Enpäs olekaan ennen kuullut. Ja niinhän se on aika yksinäinen...eli ei ehkä sittenkään niin paha!


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