January 25, 2011

She is so beautiful

This is our darling. She is everyone's favorite! She makes us laugh every day. We are so happy she is part of our family.

I was taking photos of her last summer in our yard. She was sitting on the lawn, and I had an old curtain hanging from the laundry line. It was an unplanned, yet a perfect backdrop for the picture. The sun was behind her, and she was so pretty!

This week I Heart Faces is having a photo contest with a title 'Innocent Wonder'. I like to go see the amazing photos of their contests and read the photography tutorials. This week's title made me think of the pictures I took of our daughter last summer. The babies can have the most amazing looks on their faces! I was asking her to look at a spoon I was holding to keep her interest up. Of all my photos this was the most 'innocent' and 'wondrous'.


  1. fun photo and great expression.

  2. Such a cutie, she looks like she's trying to say something! :)

  3. Thank you! I think she is getting cuter by the day...

  4. oh I love how the sun is hitting the curtain! beautiful girl!

  5. Hei,
    osallistuitko siihen valokuvakilpailuun ollenkaan? Tämä on niin ihana kuva!

  6. Joo laitoin linkin sinne. Siellä oli yli 800 osallistujaa. En voittanut :D


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