December 31, 2012

How to decorate with a real tree inside

Our centerpiece: a real cherry tree!
Every Christmas I try to think a new, creative way to decorate our home for the annual Christmas party.  Because Christmas is so invisible here in Central Asia, I love to decorate a lot at home for the season.  I want our guests to ooh and aah when they enter our we decorate and have Christmas music playing and serve wonderfully fragrant mulled wine (juice) - to serve all our senses.   

Last summer we lost two cherry trees.  We were a bit disappointed because we had pruned the small tree carefully hoping to have a good fruit bearing cherry.  When my husband cut the dried up trees down, he decided to save the little one...knowing my attraction to weird unusual decoration ideas in the house.

Then in December he bought spray paint and sprayed the tree white.  In Finland trees are white with frost in the winter and I wanted this to be our frosty winter wonderland tree. 

Central Asian decorative lights are all very colorful, but we had bought white string of lights....somewhere and its cold bluish color was perfect for my winter tree.  

One problem to overcome was to decide how the tree would stand.  With lots of children around it was important to protect the tree from falling.  Then I remembered our garden table that has a hole in the middle for a shade umbrella.  Perfect!  As our dinner table was long and I didn't want to cut the table cloth material in half, I just made a hole in the material for the tree.  It will still be plenty good for a dress! :) 

For decorations I used silver and white ornaments, my glass icicles and snowflakes.  

A glass angel

Grey and white snowflakes made out of felt were my favorite decorations this year. 

"Walking in the winter wonderland..."

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  1. You forgot to give correct photo credit for the tree photos. Ahem.


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