December 7, 2012

Pink Shelf for a Little Princess

This is really more than a little shelf for our little princess. It is her own little corner in the shared room of three children.  

Her bed used to be next to the bunk bed where the big sister and big brother sleep.  But this fall I decided to move her bed further away. It's not so much for her peace and quiet; it's for the other kids' benefit.  See, our little girl falls asleep really slowly and keeps on talking the whole time :) 
So we thought this might (please!) calm things down a bit. 

So between the window corner of the room and the clothes cupboard is her bed and her shelf.  Her very own kingdom! 

My husband made her a little shelf and she wanted it to be pink. Three year olds have opinions! 
We used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make shaped holes at the end pieces of the shelf (those are hard to see in these pictures...I should take better ones!). 

We didn't get to choose the placement of the wall lamps; they were part of the room.  Luckily they were far enough from each other that we could just fit the clothes cupboard between them. 
For years we used just one and it always got broken.  This cute (outdoor) lantern seems to be more sturdy and I just love the magical feel of a lantern. It is so fun for her to read in the light of the lantern in the evenings and then turn it off by herself

Pink shelf with heart shaped holes at the end
Pink princess shelf is for her own personal things.  Books to read in the evening in bed; her beloved Hello Kitty; her initial that I picked up from Goodwill last summer; new musical box that is constantly playing and a little bucket for little treasures.  

The rabbit is called Silkkitassu (Silk Paw), from Ikea.  

When the bed is made this is my favorite part of the room at the moment!  Other kids are getting their shelves later...they just painted one tonight and one is in the process of being sanded smooth.  It will be fun to have your own little shelf right next to your bed! 

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