December 5, 2012

Little Blue Owl

Our kids room remodeling is moving along sloooowly.
The main things are done; walls and floor.
Now we are working on shelves and hanging things back on the walls. 

Of course I am changing things around and coming up with new ideas: "Could we..."  or "I'd like to..."! 

But some things are done! Yahoo!

Remember this? 

It's the light switch.  It's not pretty, but it works so it stays.  You know how it always gets little dirty around the light switches?  Because of the way the walls are, we are not able to wash them, ever.  Otherwise we'll loose the finish.  
So I thought let's make something that will protect the wall around it! 

Here he is!

Little blue owl, new night time friend for the children.  
My husband got to use his new jigsaw and I got to use the paint brushes! 

First I wanted to paint the peak on to the light switch, but at the end we decided to leave it as it is. 

Maybe I should paint a branch on the wall for him to sit on? 

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