May 22, 2010

Happy Saturday! - Iloista lauantaita!

I've noticed that many bloggers have theme days. On theme day they present something from their home, or write about certain subject (Show-and-tell-Friday, Target Tuesday). I have deep admiration for them. They diligently sit on they desks and blog away about their life on the exact day they have promised. I could not, even if I wanted, to keep up with that resolution. I mean it could be fun to have Fridge-Fridays, where I would share the contents of my tiny fridge (refrigerator for Americans) and what I am going to cook on the weekend, or Mommy-Mondays on which the posts would encourage the moms to keep on mothering and not to scream with frustration (or to go ahead and scream with frustration first and then go ahead and keep mothering).

I, however, find it hard to commit to a certain day. It is a Murphy's law, or plainly a Central Asian law, that plans just change a million times a day. Flexibility is a requirement, not a virtue. You can plan to make this amazing macaroni casserole for lunch, and then there is no electricity for the whole day so you end up boiling eggs and having sandwiches. Or you plan to have a language lesson , but then your language helper comes too late for the lesson just to tell that her mother-in-law needed her to bake bread and she cannot make it. Or you want to blog, but there are guests coming so the whole day is spent cooking and baking and getting the guest room ready, and in the evening after clean-up you are too tired to blog. Things like that.

Instead of Favorites-Wednesday, I want to share my favorite things here every now and then, which is today. Unless my baby wakes up from her nap too early. Or a electric company sends a man to collect money for electricity. Stuff like that.

I was in the bazaar, buying something I need. I hope. But then I saw this plate. I am not usually into big open roses like this. But since last year or so, I have been drawn to roses and soft pastels. It must be my romantic season going on. I don't mind, it's kinda interesting to see how different I choose now from when I was 10 years younger!

These plates have cute butterflies, and Rose Princess, my daughter, is a big butterfly fan! So I was thinking of her, and liking the roses and I asked if they have a set. Well, it used to be a set, cups and plates, I suppose. But all that was left were these three small plates. I bought them. They are so pretty! It makes me want to have a tea party. Of course I should go and buy some tea cups too! And a tea pot!

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