October 26, 2010

Vintage scarf (not really)

It happened again. We had visitors, and they wanted to go to bazaar. There is this really nice, not too big material bazaar in our town where I like to go a lot. I mean, I would like to go there a lot, but I do not. But I like the idea of going there a lot. Any clearer? Anyway....when the guests wanted to see it, I was more than happy to guide them. As I had just recently had two dresses made, I did not need any dress material. But this bazaar has grown, and now you can find some dishes, moderate collection of clothes (read normal - western looking- clothes), robes, shoes (one of the guests bought winter boots) and of course material for any need you might have.

We walked up and down the two and half aisles of this bazaar (not very big as I said), and passed a shop where some scarfs were hanging outside. There was this one white and pink, really pretty scarf I liked. But I walked by it. On the way back I stopped to admire it again. And then I decided to buy it. I did not need a white and pink romantic style scarf...but it just was so different and beautiful. The price was huge; $ 2.5, but I got it for $2! I am such a talent in bargaining!

The edge is soooo cute!

Because of its shape I might never wear it in my head. At the moment it is hanging from the lamp in our bedroom. I love it every time I see it!

And here is one photo in color. I am in love with pink and white. My Romantic season...

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