May 14, 2010

अतलस - इकत

I just have to leave the title line the way it came out. This is so weird! I was trying to publish a Google translate button on my page, because many of my readers are not English speaking. On the other hand, it is nice for English speakers to be able to read all my posts. Soooo... I saved some changes I made in my settings. Obviously it was not the one I was looking for!

The title was supposed to read like this:
Ikat - Atlas

Anyhow, I found this really cool article when I was wondering around in the big huge web world. It got my attention, because the textile pattern they are talking about is totally Central Asian Atlas silk! I mean, this material is being sold all over our bazaars. My neighbors all wear it on celebrations. My neighbors kids wear it. My daughter wears it. I have teapot and little cups with this pattern! I, however, have found it a bit too much on the wild side, and I'm still gathering courage to go and buy my very first set of Atlas material for a dress.

Here is a neighbor girl at our daughter's birthday party, wearing her atlas dress.

Here is our daughter wearing her pink atlas.

And here is the article:
"A centuries-old fabric gets spotlighted in modern design"

Design Happens » Archive » Weekly Round-Up:Ikat & The New Traditionalists

Have fun, and if you get really excited about the atlas pattern, I will open a web shop and sell you stuff.

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