October 19, 2011


I put the title in Finnish, because suddenly I got afraid I could not find the right word in English and it would look silly and wrong.  But I have to write in English, because I have been thinking in English the last couple of days.  My husband was away with work and I noticed I was having a conversation in my head in English...about everyday stuff that goes on in the house.  I could not think in Finnish.  It was weird, but my life is a mix of languages anyway...I use at least three languages everyday, sometimes I have to be able to use a fourth one but that is pain. So here I just wanted to let you know what was going on in my head and in our house on these sunny October days.

-When my son was hanging up side down in the monkey bars, little somethings fell from his pockets, raining to the ground, the ground that had been covered with soft green grass but is now hard dirt (playgrounds and grass do not mix).  I was looking through a kitchen window very carefully because I had promised him I would look, so I could not take my eyes off him.  He checked every two seconds that I was really looking at him.  First I thought he had filled his pockets with peanuts, but then I found out from his big sister, my oldest daughter, that it was cat food.  Yep, my 5 year old is snacking on the cat cereal.  No wonder the three cats are hungry all the time. Note: give more food for the five year old.

'Where is my dinner, mommy?' 

- I do not mind being alone with the kids during the day.  The days are busy, lots to do, people come and go into the yard, it is sunny and nice and friendly.  But then suddenly it is dark, and our friendly yard is full of shades and dark corners...Our kitchen is on the other side of the yard, and I like to have a cuppa after the kids are in bed.  But when I am home alone, I avoid going to the kitchen after kids' bed time...It is just so lonely.  So I had my cup of tea earlier with the children and when we came back inside I made sure I washed the stairs with bleach behind us.

- I you are have a babysitter and go for a date movie night with your husband and the choices are 'I am Legend' and 'P.s. I love you', choose the latter. Just telling. I much rather have cute men with Irish accents than scary killer zombies running in a big, BIG, screen in front of me.  *Shivers*

- It is quite normal that when your daughter goes to school she has a pen with red ink on one end and blue ink on the other and when she comes home she only has the caps left.  Her teacher's pen had run out of ink so she borrowed a pen.  I am not sure if she asked to borrow it or 'borrow' it. We'll see.  Note: Buy only blue ink pens for school (teachers use red).    

- I maximized my schedule by doing arm exercises with my new weights while listening to something last night (I am so productive when my husband is not home!).  I only did some humble movements, concentrating on listening.  This morning when my son woke me up at 5.30 with a yell, my arms were sore.  It could also be from the fact that when I wake up I always find myself sleeping with my arms above my head.  It is not good for the circulation, but how to stop it?  I actually have tried sleeping with my arms inside my pajama top sometimes, but it is not going to be practical in the long run.  Anyway, his reason for shouting angrily several times at 5.30? His blankets were all messed up.  Sheesh, son! So this morning I chose the book 'Madeline' for our reading time and we agreed that the only acceptable reason to wake up mommy before 7.00 am is an appendix.

'I am sowwy for waking you up, mommy!' 
Anyway, I think I have 'lörpötellyt' enough and aren't you happy you now know all this? You're welcome!



  1. Tämä on ihana blogi! Hauskaa päivän jatkoa!

  2. Kiitos kiitos! Tuon pojan kanssa ei ole tylsää päivää :)

  3. Yes, I´m happy to know all that!


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