October 1, 2011

Autumn on the Windowsill

This must be the first time I have decorated a 'mantel' for fall..and I cannot even claim that I did it this year either! It is our Fall Windowsill!


When we lived in Finland I used lots of candles in the dark fall evenings.  

This is actually something my husband always remembers about me and my roommate's little rental apartment: we had lots of candles. He visited me for the first time in Finland in October which is a very dark and gloomy time before snow brightens things up. Sometimes it feels better just to embrace all that darkness and enjoy it in candle light.  So it was not even a question if we would have candles out this fall or not.

Maybe now that we have children I am more prone to visualize the change of seasons...and they love decorating!  They get so excited when we do something in the house.  I wanted to create a fall themed windowsill in the sitting room where we usually spend time in the evenings, and pulled out our decorations.  

I had just gotten rid of the depressing brown curtains in this room, and decided that white lace is a perfect frame for our fall.  I love white lace curtains!  Even in fall!  I found some wide orange ribbon and children wanted to use it.

Here comes the interesting part:  I got inspired by all the beautifully and creatively decorated Fall Mantels that I found in the net, and the ones I liked the most were the non-traditional ones.  No orange color theme, no pumpkins... instead they had cream, white, silver, gold, wood, other colors. After all, I have never really liked orange.  I never wear anything orange.  I just don't care about the color.

And here is what I have on my windowsill: color orange and pumpkins!  And I like it!

Here is the windowsill in the evening...

It is quite a tall window, but I did not want to cover the glass by putting anything large on the windowsill.

There are lots of candles and we light them in the evening.
We need to be extra careful with those curtains so near the candles...

Let's have a closer look, shall we...

In the middle is a brown paper box with some straw in it.  It had come to our house like that, filled with spring decorations.  I just dumped out little yellow chicks and eggs and filled it with cute pumpkins from Goodwill.

That little girl statue is something I got...and as she  is playing in the fall leaves, she could join the party.  Many of the candles have cinnamon fragrance.  The pumpkin is made of felt, and I plan to use it for Thanksgiving...fill it with candy, perhaps?

Wooden, painted candle sticks from India, a gift from friends...

...an apple candle from my husband...

A wooden moose from Finland.  These big animals are very active in the fall and often run out of the forest to the roads.  Be careful when driving out there!  I bought this in a souvenirs shop in Lapland years ago...my little memory from Finland! Definitely part of this season.

The leaves are made of felt just like the pumpkin, and I love the material.  It is light, durable, soft, pretty...I have found several felt items for Christmas that I plan to use this year.

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Oh my gosh, it's charming! I like every detail, down to the ribbon you used to tie back the curtains!

    I'm your newest follower. :)

  2. Thanks for commenting and for your kind words! Looking forward to checking your blog, too.


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