October 2, 2010

Laalmo Home Stay at the Pamirs

When we arrived at Khorog at 5 am after our loong, grueling road trip, we just could not wait to get to bed. We had emailed and talked on the phone with Pamir Lodge, and they said they would have places for us. However, in that early morning they told us that there is only one big room available (we needed three), but there was a home stay very close that had rooms. I did not feel like going somewhere else, but what could we do. The Laalmo Home Stay really is just a stone throw away.

It is quite common to find home stays in the Pamirs. People have decided to open their homes for travelers, so during the busy months between May and October they might even be all full.
Laalmo Home Stay is run by a very friendly and hospitable couple. Their three kids are all big and have left the home, so now they rent three bedrooms and, if needed, their big guest room.
In case of our group it was needed.

Here we are eating a good, hearty breakfast in the main room. We sat on the Central Asian mattresses, and had our breakfast set on a tablecloth on the floor. Breakfast is home made bread (scrumptious), butter, two different kind of jams, tea and sugar and your choice of either cream-of-wheat or eggs. We chose cream-of-wheat, 'manna' porridge, because it is a convenient way to fill the tummies of our kids. And it was really, really tasty. I am not a big manna-porridge eater myself. I might take a bite when I cook it for my kids, but I am not a fan. However, at Laalmo, it was really yummy and tasty...I think she added sugar in the porridge!

You can also order home made dinner, but we were too attracted to Delhi Darbar Indian Restaurant in town!

The main room is where we sat and talked and planned our little trips, ate our meals, where our kids played card games, where you can watch TV with a cat curled in your lap, and get to know other travelers who are staying there.

The owners told us that sometimes the place is so full that the main room is full of mattresses and the yard is full of tents. Luckily not this time!

This is our room. Bed is on the floor, and there is some furniture, depending on the room.

The owner has build the house himself, and we really liked the rustic feel of the boards in the ceiling.

Cute little light bulb. The electricity in the Pamirs is good. It apparently never goes out, unlike in other parts of the country. It is because they have their own hydro electric station.

Laalmo also has an indoor, western style toilet and plenty of hot water in the shower! A big plus in this part of the world!

We were talking about this. In US, for example, a Bed and Breakfast can charge a loot of money per night if there is a private bathroom with the room. Here we were just rejoicing that we could have a sitty potty to share with everyone!

The flower garden was really pretty! It really adds a nice touch to the place.

The home stay is right next to a school. Our kids had fun playing with a ball in the court yard.

She will hate me for publishing this picture here. Well, I think the cute red stockings feature her beautiful legs really well!

Oh the things we do to our children!


  1. Näitä on kiva lukea! Elämä on niin erilaista siellä. Be blessed :)

  2. Kiitos kiitos! Mukavaa kun voin välittää tästä elämästä kuvia teille!

  3. I stayed there in 2015. Very friendly and helpful staff.
    Not too far from town and very near the Pamir Lodge.

    1. Yes, we also remember how friendly and helpful they were. Highly recommended!


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