September 10, 2010

Yellow Ladybug

One night, when I was getting ready to brush my teeth, wash my face and cream my neck because I do not want to have a wrinkly neck when I get old, I spotted this spotted bug on our bathroom wall.

It looked so fun, yellow with black spots on our wildly green wall. I ran to get the camera and was hoping it could not fly.

I took bazillion pictures. Luckily the wall is kinda slippery so the bug was climbing really slowly. This was a hard shoot, because the only light in the bathroom is an energy saving light bulb.

And even though my camera has a 'macro' in its menu, it is hard to take clear and crisp macro photos.

But then I had some fun with photo editing. We use Picasa to organize our photos and I can do some humble photo treats there. I have not yet dared to open Photoshop.

I really wanted to do one black and white photo. I thought the spots would look good. But, really, the color of the bug makes the color pictures to look more interesting.

I like the line from corner to corner in this picture. Of course I cropped the picture and made it to look that way. But I still like it.

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