September 26, 2010

Khorog - a town in Pamir mountains

I have so many pictures from our trip! I want to share more about our home stay, but it needs to wait for its own post. But here are some pictures from the town of Khorog, the new park and Botanical gardens.
Khorog is a peaceful town of about 27000 inhabitants. Like everywhere in Central Asia, animals roam free also in the towns. This couple is going shopping.

We walked to the town centre.

Kids were energetic and we took lots of video. For grandparents!

This is a new town park. It is really nice. Real lawn!!! Big trees, and fun things for children to do.

The park is built by Aga Khan foundation.

It has lovely amount of room to run and play, even a little pond to swim in.

Missy is posing.

Then we took a minibus to the Botanical Garden. The entrance fee for foreigners is 3 $. The minibus took us all the way to the garden (usually you have to walk the last 0,5 km, but maybe the driver felt sorry for the million kids we had with us. )

The views were great, this is towards the town.

Pretty flowers and lots of fruit trees.

We found fallen pears and took some...little sour but a nice snack.

Apples look gorgeous! And so does the fruit.


This is the second highest botanical garden in the world. I do not know where the highest is.

Busy little bee.

A gardener came to greet us and showed us more fruit trees. He really encouraged us to freely take the fallen fruit, but we just took some to eat right there and then.

Little rest time in the orchard.

Family picture!

We had one or two colder nights, and the result was beautiful snow topped mountains around us!

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