September 25, 2010

What is happening right now

I am wearing... A local Central Asian dress, it is light green with blue tulips. I love tulip patterns in dresses!

I am listening to... Computer humming. It is late and everyone else is in bed already. I took a nap earlier... I do not have time to listen to music much.

I am reading... I read "Keep a quiet heart" devotional by Elisabeth Elliot nowadays. Then "What your kindergartner needs to know" for schooling ideas. And Amy Carmichael's "If" for quiet, short moments behind the locked door.

I am looking forward to... Going to bed soon, and checking on all the sweet sleeping children before that!

Outside my window... It is dark already. This window faces the courtyard entrance, and we keep our blue car out there. I cannot draw these curtains because my desk touches the window.

I am creating... I am making quilted pot holders for Christmas/New Year. Depending on how many I actually manage to finish my neighbors and friends will get one this year.

I am praying for... patience and joy to be with my children daily. And wisdom for some relationships! And healing for my tummy which is still complaining for the road side meal we had at the end of our Pamirs trip.

Thankful for... a supportive and helpful husband and three healthy, wonderful kids!

From the kitchen...
Tonight we had sandwiches. With choices of turkey and tuna. Then the kids had cold cream-of-wheat (baby) and rice-pudding (bigger kids) for dessert, sprinkled with vanilla-caramel-sugar.

How about you?!?

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