March 17, 2012

We had a visitor...


(this is where you should see green grass!) (Of course the fact that you are not seeing it can also depend on our inability to keep it growing when dozen kids use it as a play ground every day.)

I was so sure the spring was here!  Cherry trees in pink, mild breeze blowing in the garden, irises blooming in our yard...

And then we wake up to snow and slush. Yak!

See my shoe? It is a galosh (that belongs to my husband), great in wet mud or snow.  I am wearing warm knitted socks made by my sister and of course a Central Asian dress too. 

In my opinion this should not be happening here in March.  But obviously, what do I know.  

I just prefer sun warming my pale winter face instead of slush landing on me from the rooftops. 

But you have to admit...It is beautiful.  There is something charming about the way snow slowly falls and quietly covers everything in white.  

This is the same place I took the sunset pictures couple of blog posts ago.  Yes, I know, the wires are still there...!

Our yard getting a blanket of snow.  

Climbing rose bush has gotten some leaves going...but see the clump of snow slush? It should NOT be part of this picture. Mourning...

Luckily the snow fall lasted only a day and we are back in rain :) 

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