January 11, 2016


Imagine having a music teacher that has played for a leader of Soviet Union - Nikita Khrushchev.
Well, we have her!  

We feel so so privileged to have a quality music teacher available for us. 
She lives near by, our kids are able to walk to their lessons.  She teaches solid theory and makes them memorize long pieces of music.  In the first lessons she uses play and games to teach the notes and music lines and the places of the notes: on top of the line, on the line or under the line.... She is great with kids!

Just before Christmas the students had a recital.  It was a small one, and because the piano in the concert hall was broken, the kids played in the teacher's private room.  It was freezing cold, but the kids all did very well.  

Our son actually didn't plan to play, but once we got there he decided to go for it.  

And our daughter of course did really well.  I looked over to my husband and his eyes were red with pride and ...you know... :)  

I am not so emotional, I am just very thankful for a great teacher and proud of the hours our kids put into practice and lessons each week!  Well done!

Do you have kids that have taken lessons, maybe abroad?  Are you happy with the results? 

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