July 29, 2015

Vintage houses vol 2

Here are some street views from Kokkola old town in Finland.  

I love the old houses and I really appreciate that Kokkola has maintained the old part of the town.  But I don't get the new church architecture.  You can see the church tower in the background, square and straight as can be....not fitting in with the neighborhood in my mind. 

Rows of colors are really fun and actually not so unusual in Finland.  We have lots of pastels and light colored houses here.  

Seems like the white trim is the winner! 

I popped in to Zinna, a home decor store in old town.  Several rooms of beautifully arranged stuff.  :)

Rustic dish brushes and crisp towels are a winning combination. 

Using robe as a napkin ring... I might try to do something like this sometimes! 

Quite close to Zinna is an antique store Puu-mi.  Antique in the name almost always means expensive.  

...but I really liked this framed picture!  I wanted to buy it for the boys, but my husband was all like 'We can print something like that' so I didn't.  

So it's still there for yours to take! 

Kokkola museum block is worth visiting.  It was lovely in the summer but it must be beautiful around Christmas time with all the lights and decorations too! 

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