July 26, 2015

Vintage houses in Kokkola

I wanted to check out Finland's west coast towns and Kokkola was one of the recommendations.  It has a beautiful old town with protected but lived in wooden houses.  This post is all about those houses and lots of pictures!

Kokkola old town houses are mainly from 1700s, if I understood correctly.  

First  of all, I would love to have a pink house.  This house pretty much sums up my dream house look.  Lovely old door and gorgeous decorations around the windows.  The flowers are the perfect thing to put on your doorstep!

I am always looking for inspiration how to do windows.  Not that we are building or anything, but you know, just in case I will have an old wooden house one day.  Brown is not the color I would paint my house, but with the trimming this is pretty amazing! 

Many houses in this museum block were under renovation.  Another pink one with fun little attic windows!

Many houses function as cafeterias, stores or guest houses.

Here is my dream house from another angle  Look at that gate!  It is all wooden with square grooves as a decoration.  

The inviting path to a pretty  yard.  Many houses had barns...In the middle of the town!  Not in use anymore, but freshly painted and well kept, of course.  

Mission corner with an appropriate lamp shade.  Creative! 

Wonderful flowering bushes make this gate! 

This is not wooden, but lovely in its own old impressive way.  

Gorgeous entrance.

I love the way poppies are lining the streets...

House covered in vines...

There is something in this house that says 'I have been here awhile and have no plans to leave soon'. 

Cute color combination!  And the rocky foundation makes them pop so well.  

Two color choice?  Or painting project?  Either way, I love the face of this house.  But I would always draw the rolling curtains symmetrically, if you know what I mean? 

Traditional red with white trim.  My husbands favorite.  He would love those flower boxes as well. 

This lovely corner house houses a second hand store downstairs and a cafeteria upstairs.  

Next I will post street views.  

Do you like wooden houses?  They are my favorite!  


  1. Kokkolasta on lyhyt matka meille! Tulkaapa käymään :)

  2. Ollaan jo kotona! Mutta olispa ollut kiva käydä!


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