February 26, 2015

Black and White

Winter came and left and we are yet to see its effects on fruit trees and other crops in the fields. 

There is stark beauty in the mountainous area around our city when the snow falls.

Let's go up to the hills with the kids, a friend invited. 

I left the kids sledding down the steep hills with friends and my husband and took my camera for a walk.  The sky was thick with grey clouds, up in the mountains clouds were hanging low.  

I congratulated myself for packing my winter boots with us when we last visited Finland.  Walking up and down the snowy hills was a delight! 

The black and white winter scenery.  
Spring is green with flowers, summer is green turning brown and autumn is dusty brown and dry.  I am so thankful for each season! 

While trying to get this tree framed for the picture, I turned around and saw something.   They were far, but I recognized the silhouettes immediately, walking in the snow and disappearing soon behind the hills.  I must go see them, I decided.  

I walked down the hill and up the next where I had to stop and take a picture of this beautiful tree.  I was happy to get the sky in the background.  

And then, getting more excited and a bit out of breath, I continued up the hill.  
I stopped to change my camera lens and slowly and carefully approached a herd of horses grazing in the snow.  

Originally I had seen only two horses, but the closer I got, the more horses I saw.  
Just when I arrived, three horses started to disappear behind one hill. I decided to climb higher to see them as well.  I was up for a surprise!
But  will show more pictures next time.

And I think black and white photography is my favourite! 


  1. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!!! Thankyou for taking them and sharing them!!

  2. Thank you Diane!
    I love taking photos...I am so happy you liked them too!


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