July 8, 2014

Summer fun!

Happy summer to you all!
I have to write in English.  New computer doesn't have Finnish alphabet in yet and I don't know how to do it...I will wait till my personal IT guy is available :)  

Here are couple of pictures from this summer.  

This is my official summer picture: 

I am hoping this summer can be really restful after a very full and long winter season!
Lots of resting, reading, filling my brains with natures beauty...and making memories as a family!

We have already been enjoying some water fun: 

Nothing like treasure hunting on the beach! 

At the moments we are enjoying Grandpa's beautiful, amazing flower gardens.  More pictures sure to follow. 

Today we are going to the beach for three days.  Not the warm beach like in the pictures above, but a Northwest US Pacific ocean beach.  I am hoping to visit a second hand shop there...go figure :)  Small villages often have great finds. 
That's how I rest!  

What are your summer plans and hopes? 

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