July 9, 2014


We are enjoying fresh - very fresh - sea weather in a little oceanside village called Oceanside  :) 

We got a very generous offer from friends to use their beach home...very thankful!  It's beautiful, and the views from the house are breathtaking.  
Today I will show pictures from the beach walk.  

Descending from our high hill home to the white sand beach took us 150 steps on a wooden staircase.  In the picture below you can see the houses on the top of that hill.  

The kids and the dog took off immediately and roamed the empty beach with great excitement.  Sea shells!  Sand dollars! Drift wood!  Sand!  And most importantly: ocean! 

This boy managed to get 11 stitches on his head just the day before, so there was no swimming and sand play for him.  But flying a kite was a treat.   

 Even though the water was freezing, kids couldn't stay away from it.  We had to hold on to Eppu as he was literally running to the ocean!  They got their clothes wet and sandy and it was so much fun. 

It was a windy afternoon! 
The wind was riding the sand in white clouds over the beach:

Here is the reason why I never want to live in at the sea.  
Yes, I choose places to live based on how it affects my hair.  
When we got home my hair looked like... "The sun", as my husband kindly put it.  

Sunny ocean-side greetings! 
Tomorrow we have fun plans that include the low tide, so I need to get to sleep now! 
Stay tuned to our sea adventures! 

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