July 19, 2011

Berry Galore

Blueberries are ready!

 I saw it with my own eyes when we took a little stroll in a forest in Kainuu area.  My children found them first: "Blueberries mommy, blueberries!"

I was trying to suggest that they would be Black Crowberries or Northern Bilberries, because Blueberry season is in August.  
But after tasting them we decided very quickly that they were blueberries.  Sweet!

I remembered one summer camp in Lapland when I was about 10 years old.  We were given plastic mugs and sent to pick blueberries that were growing right next to the camp site.  When the cups were full, we got to add some milk and sugar on the berries, and a healthy....well, yummy snack was ready!

When we were young, we used to go as a family and pick blueberries from the forest.  In Finland the forests are free for the public to go and pick berries and mushrooms. Everybody in the family got a little bucket, and when it was full we emptied it into a big barrel. Sometimes we went to Sweden (we lived on the border).    At those times the customs guys still stopped cars and asked some questions from border crossers.  On that day they just looked at us kids on the back seat, laughed and said: "We know why you came to Sweden! You were picking blueberries!" I have to admit that eating blueberries was much more fun than actually picking them into a bucket! 

Are you a berry picker?

With blue teeth,

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