February 19, 2011

Doors and Windows

I really really like the use of colors in Central Asia. They like pastels and bright colors for the houses and walls. It is always fun to go for a walk or a drive in the neighborhoods.

These pictures are from our walk in our own neighborhood last weekend.

Bars in the windows that face the street.

There is no color co-ordination required. Each house owner paints his house the way he likes, regardless of the neighbors.

Everyone wonders why all the trees (and everything else) is painted white on the bottom. I have no idea. We used to think it is some kind of pest control, but they paint fence posts and street light poles as well.

There are some old, broken houses, too.

Well this is a color! We were both amazed by the choice! It is even brighter in real life.

And the colors do not need to match (house, fence).

Another thing I like here are the gates. Often houses are surrounded by high walls, with a gate for the car and a door for people. This house only had a small gate, so I guess they do not own a car. Nobody leaves their car in the streets in the neighborhoods.

Another gate. I like the wood work. It is not impressive...I should snap pictures of some quite fancy gates and houses...But I like the colors and the simple fishtail pattern on the gate.

Rustic, romantic look.

And did I say I like the colors? I have started to like aqua/turquoise a lot.

Our own gate, by the way, is quite boring, metal gate. Big like anything, but bluish gray and black in color. I might think about painting come spring...

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