December 22, 2010

Christmas Party Decorations

I love having friends over for Christmas Party! We have done it for three years now, and it is a highlight of the season for us.

Because I am me, I would happily decorate for a whole day or three, but could leave cooking for someone else. We are such a large crowd, with children, that everyone contributes with food and desserts. I baked Cinnamon Rolls last week and froze most of it was really easy to just do my part of the cooking. Of course we had no electricity for most of the day, but I cooked on bottled gas anyway...

It have bought these icicles in Finland...I guess. They were very carefully wrapped and hidden from children for years! I would find them every now and then, but not in the right time! I found them in December this year, and wanted to use them. We had some spray paint and I knew exactly what to do. Some persimmon trees had broken branches and I wanted them sprayed with white paint. So easy and quick, and such a cute winter look! Welcome to the winter wonderland (it still looks like September outside).

I got this glass angel from my Mom last summer. So cute and tiny, and perfect with the icicles.

I have several angel decorations so they were on the shelf together with star lights and glass vases with the branches in them.

Beautiful cross stitching on a linen bag and one of my crocheted angels.

On a different shelf I had the Finnish Advent candle holder with the song we usually sing when lighting the candles. Perfectly equipped with the match box...

Because we were spray painting already, we just got wild and pulled some branches off of the bushes in the yard...they got to be silver and gold. I am not very experienced with creating center pieces with plants and flowers, though I love them very much, so I just stuck them in a bowl with apples and mandarins.

Here you have a very hazy table top view. I did not set the plates on the table as we had a buffet table for food...With a big crowd the easy takes over the proper :)

I was very pleased to find this blue material with golden starts on it in the bazaar. Usually there are no Christmas materials, so I bought 6 meters as soon as I saw this! And it was at least $4.50 for all of it!

Did you notice that I have two different kinds of glasses on the table...Again, lots of guests...I really should go and buy enough glasses for the next year!

Christmas is a wonderful time.
And we are very blessed to have wonderful friends here!

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