December 4, 2010

Christmas in the kitchen

I have to admit that I am still putting up Christmas decorations. It will happen through December whenever I find them and have time to think of a good place for each thing.

One traditional decoration is this candle holder that we brought with us from Finland. It is very traditional sight at Christmas time in Finland. The electric candle holder has five or seven candles and it's usually triangle shaped.

Of course it looks much more attractive in dark...but I took the pictures in full (cloudy) daylight.

I have seen in several pictures how people put their ginger bread cookie cutters in glass jars. It looks beautiful and I tried it, but the mouth of my jars is so small that I could not fit them all in. And I do not have that many metal cutters anyway (I DO have some plastic yellow and red ones for children, but they are not as pretty!). So I arranged these on a Central Asian wooden bowl.

The flower will always be the ginger bread cookie shape for me.
And it does not have any pointed edges that would burn!

We will start baking next week. The children cannot wait...and neither can I.
I love the ginger bread cookie dough!

Christmas towels are up. No, these are not for use! What are you thinking?

I was very happy to find red material for Christmas curtains few years back. It has tulips that I love at Christmas time. Red...or a vase with greens like fur tree branches...lovely!

This is an ancient tray that has traveled everywhere. Hence the scrapes.

Winter feeding of birds is a must in Finland.
Not here.
The birds are still feasting in our persimmon trees.

Merry Berry Advent time for you!

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