September 18, 2014

Beach style home decorating

As you have probably seen many times on this blog during the summer, we have enjoyed several trips to the Sea.  

We love to go there as a family - the kids love the sand, love the water, love the sea shells, love exploring, love the rocks, love climbing, love making sand castles, love running, love the drift wood (or I think I love drift wood more than the kids), love the sea birds, love burying each other in the lovely sand, love the family times.   

We love going to the beach as a family.

I especially enjoy the aesthetics at the beach.  It is so different from Central Asia, and I have to say that Finland cannot boast of a deep blue sea either (anyone seen that movie?).  One time we got there just before the sunset.  I got some gorgeous pictures of the kids as the sun was setting and the low tide left an amazing background for the photos.  

We have visited some homes in the beach ares over the years and I am always very curious to see how people decorate their beach homes.  
Here are some shots from our last trip.

 In this home I was very attracted to the white wooden walls and ceiling that was repeated in each and every room.  

This cabinet was in the guest room. 

I don't want to have a sign for everything in my life, but I think this one really nailed it!  

These metal (brass?) whales were adorable!  I would have adopted them if it had been possible.  Too bad my only picture of them is a bit blurry.  

There is something classical about having an old row ( or a surf board) on the wall.  

I think the real color was more light, but the picture was hard to take as the bay windows let in so much light!  

There you go, some of my favorites from the beach!  

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