April 25, 2013

Ruusun aikaa - Time of The Rose

(lopussa kevyt suomennos, jos ei enklanti suju!)

I love, love, love spring in Central Asia!
The rain has washed away the dust of the summer long gone and eve.ry.thing is blooming.
And we have climbing roses!  

This is the look from our office room where the activities of each day concentrate.  Home schooling, emails, sewing, crafts, reading Donald Duck magazines,  playing with Polly Pockets, playing board games, learning language, listening to stories on tapes, watching late night TV series while kids sleep, Bible times with kids, talking with friends... among other things is going on here.  It's a one busy room. 

And we have a great view to the street:

Btw, most of the windows in houses in CA have bars...it's for safety and it's very normal. 

I planted this rose five years ago.   It started as a little skinny thing, and it just kept on growing.   

This year we have seen the most blooms in it.  It's totally full of buds and so so beautiful! 

I just had to go to the street to take pictures.  The gate on the left is ours.  The little blue door you see as a part of the gate has a fun story behind it.  You can find it here: part 1 and part 2

Attractive, no?

Here is our princess demonstrating what happens when the school kids walking by cannot resist the attractiveness of our rose: 

Yes, they climb the fence and reach for the roses.  
So often that the bottom part of the rose is actually very bare right now.  
It's part of life here...what is on the street (doesn't matter if it's behind your fence and on your soil), is for the community.  

But I am enjoying the fact that the rose is getting taller by the year and I will have enough beautiful blooms to enjoy up there by the window.  

Happy, happy spring!

Ruusuköynnös, jonka istutin viisi vuotta sitten, on saavuttanut ihan uudet korkeudet tänä keväänä.  Se on täpötäynnä nuppuja ja niin valtavan houkutteleva, että ohikulkevat koululaiset napsivat kukkia ilokseen.  Osa yhteisöelämää...
Hyvää kevättä!  

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