April 24, 2010

My kitchen

My kitchen is a place of many memories. Happy. Family. Friends. Good food. Celebrations.

Also: burnt food (because I have a quick red oven). No food (because sometimes I just don't feel like cooking and I send the kids go get bread for dinner from a neighbor's bakery). Darkness (no electricity in the winter nights). Sweat (it gets sooo hot in the summer).

Nevertheless, it is a very central part of our daily lives, even though it is located in the back of the yard.

This is how it started out. Do not be afraid, it did not stay this way!

We are checking it out, planning...I really love these big windows! They let light in when there is no electricity, and in the summer the sun never shines in. I can see the kids playing on the lawn or on our high porch.

My husband measuring the cupboards we bought in the capital...

What should we do with this spot...?

It was kinda bare first.

We liked the stained glass in the cupboard doors.

We have been cooking many things is this kitchen...

Our kids always find a treat...

My mother taught my oldest daughter to bake. Just like it should be!
The stained glass shows everything through, and I am thinking about covering some of the glass with white material.
The blond beauty is my youngest sister!
I have lots of sisters.

Baking is fun!

Birthday for everyone, literally!

Making doughnuts. See the cookbook on the table: The Best of Finnish cooking. My mother-in-law gave it to me, and I love reading it! It describes the celebrations and traditional dishes and will make me miss home. I have no idea why it is out, as I am making American doughnuts.

Time for American pancakes! Must be a Saturday morning.

Little helpers.

Quiet moment.

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