November 17, 2014

Pictures from Central Asia

A recent trip to the nearby mountains in pictures.
Fall weather is wonderful and we waited for many weekends for a good time to drive out to the hills.  It was worth the wait and to our happy surprise we found out that all our friends had decided to visit the same spot that day!  The great minds think alike or how did it go? 

I love to capture local people living their lives and doing their things.  But I am embarrassed to take pictures if they see me doing it.  Here I got this man from our car.  I have a picture where he is closer, but he chose to clean his ears with his finger at the time I took the picture.  Local people doing their things indeed.  

One of my favorite things here is the rows of trees...Of course neatly painted white.  

I managed to snap some cool pictures from the moving car.  Here is right...  

...and here is left.  
Orange leaves!  

I was totally feeling romantic about living in a village: hauling water by the donkey from the river, cooking on the fire, eating in the candle light at dusk, having my galoshes getting stuck in the mud while visiting the outhouse in the back of the yard, picking cotton sticks from the field for my bread tandoor oven,  doing laundry by hand...
Wait, laundry by hand?  No thank you!  
But I think kids would just find it fascinating.  

Here we come, favorite spot!  Behind those rugged little hills are many, many stories from the years gone by.    

Horse and his boy.  
Coming home...on the other side of the road there were two ladies walking home from collecting fire wood.  They looked so tired that I couldn't fancy them as objects of my photography...

And finally there.  The faraway views are always a bit hazy.  
I might have to come here some early morning for sunrise.  
Like it would ever happen.  

There are some cool folk in this picture! 

Sun is setting.  We had to be somewhere so we couldn't wait for the sunset.  

I have taken pictures of this football field before.  I especially like the neon yellow shirt.  

Another shot from the fleeting car.  Village yard...of course with little children.  

Next I will post some pictures with our kiddos.  


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