March 18, 2014


I'm so glad to be back! 

Back where? you ask. 

On this blog again! Oh, you didn't notice that I haven't been writing?

What a crazy busy time we have had.  I have lots of posts just waiting to come out!  But most important things first: 

Just when sun was setting tonight and everything was bathing in a beautiful golden light I looked up.  To my delight I noticed that our apricot tree is full of beautiful red bulbs, ready to burst open any time.  

Some of the bravest ones, the ones on the sunny side of the tree have already pushed aside the red covers and exposed their snow white dresses, decorated with little yellow dots.  

Spring is such a treat here.  The flowering trees and green hills are just lovely.  

I need to spend more time outside with my camera now!  

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