June 25, 2013

Walk around the Iskander Kul lake

The title is somewhat misleading...we did not walk around the whole lake Iskanderkul. 
But we did have a nice walk after we arrived at the camp/tourist center.  The weather was cool and cloudy.
We went for the walk before dinner...starting from the camp going counter-clock-wise around the lake.  I think.  We turned left. :) 

  As I mentioned in my previous post, we were two families, all together 7 children with us.

Even though our kids love outdoors and actually ran uphill the first moment they got (see below), they are still just kids so no serious hiking during this trip! But if you came here with you bike, you could get all the way to the Panj Chasma (five springs) half way around the lake and enjoy ice cold fresh spring water straight from the five springs.   But you can go there by car as well, like we did the next day.  

We truly enjoyed the views.  The road is right next to the lake the whole time.  

There are so many different colors in those slopes!

But my favorite is snow on top of the highest mountains.  Now that would be an experience!

There were surprisingly many different kinds of flowers around the area.  I love flowering bushes...I was hoping there could be a way to take this home with me!

And this pretty was growing at the camp site. 

Here is couple of pictures taken the next day; we got sunshine! 
Some parts of the lake shore were artificially walled.  Maybe to prevent flooding to the camp? 

Next we will visit the "Five Springs" Panj Chasma and enjoy a lunch outdoors.


  1. Loved the beautiful pictures. Thanks. (Carmen)

  2. Voi Hennis. Ihanaa, että löysin sun blogin. On ollut mielenkiintoista lukea teidän elämästä, varsinkin kun sun kirjoitustyyli on niin elävää! Meni useita viikkoja, että sain luettua kaikki bloggaukset läpi ja nyt vasta kommentoin, kun sen sain tehtyä. Tuun seuraamaan mielenkiinnolla lisää. :) Terv. ent.kurssikaveri Keskisestä Suomesta

    1. Hei Paula! Tervetuloa ja ohhoh että jaksoit lukea kaikki kirjoitukset läpi! :D


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