December 7, 2011

Inspiration Christmas Tree for Kids Room

It is hard to decorate kids room for Christmas, isn't it?  Small children think everything is for play, and have no respect for carefully thought out miniature Christmas Tree in the corner or Christmas Village on the table.  But I still want to add a special touch for their room for Christmas.  Toddlers might not notice, but bigger children love it when they have something pretty for the Holidays.

The other day I found this picture.  It is quite impressive!  I love it!  For a moment I considered making a big statement in our living room, but newly painted walls stopped me.  It is hard enough to protect the walls from crayons and sticky fingers, and I really enjoy the new clean walls in the living room at the moment.  So I started a search for a good candidate.

Play room was perfect.  I was ready to sacrifice the very. used. walls for dozens of little nails.  I wanted to use Christmas ornaments and different decorations, but the little toys added a great fun element for their room.   

We started with the star on the top and then put little nails in for the bigger pieces.  Then we just added smaller objects until it was done.  Then I sat down in the arm chair in their room, stared at the wall for a while and had to chance places for many some pieces.

Then my toddler climbed on the table that is under the tree and removed some of the decorations. We had a good talk about it and she lied agreed not to do it ever again.  And then I wanted to add the red bow I found later and moved things around just a teeny tiny bit. Promise!

This might become my never ending Christmas activity.

It is no way as cool as the original one, but it is fun enough for us!

Are you ready to attack your walls now?


  1. Aivan mielettömän hauska idea! Sulla on silmää tämmösiin koristuksiin, ja ryhdyt aikaansaavasti aina toimiin, I admire!

    Hauskaa joulunodotusta :)

  2. Tack so mycket! Aiotko itse alkaa naputella nauloja? :) Siinä meni yllättävän vähän aikaa, jos ei lasketa sitä siirtelyä ja viilailua...


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