June 28, 2011

Lovely Finland

We have been traveling!
I am happy to tell that we are in my native Finland.
I lived here for the first 19 and half years.  Then I lived abroad for a while, here and there, but always returned back to Finland.
I studied here.
I got married here (but not to a Finn).
I gave birth to all of our children here.
All of my family still lives in Finland. 

Now, living in Central Asia, Finland has gotten really nostalgically beautiful and amazing in my mind. 
I fondly remember the light summer nights and shining snow in the winter.

It might be that our family cannot sleep in Finland anymore...we harness our eyes with coverings and tightly close the shades for the night. 

But we still love Finland.

This summer I want to look at Finland with the eyes of someone who does not live there.
And I want to share it with you!  That is why I will write in English... so that my friends abroad will get the chance to enjoy this Northern European country with me.

I will post irregularly about wonderful Finnish things...food, nature, people, happenings and stuff.

And if there is something you would like me to post about, please let me know in the comments! I will happily tell you and show you everything I can!

These pictures are from Vaskikello.  It is a restaurant and the name means 'Brass Bell'.  When they started they had one little bell made of brass and never dreamed of the restaurant expanding into the largest collection of bells in the world. They also have a foundry where you can order a unique bell for yourself!  We took a break there while driving last weekend and enjoyed the old buildings on the site. In this bad quality, dark picture you can see some of the bells they have.  My kids are on the second floor, trying to make the heavy bells ring. 


  1. I like!

    /carlos ;)

  2. My grandmother is grew up in Finland, but now lives in the USA. We still have family there though, I wish to visit Finland one day. My grandmother has so many wonderful things to say about that country!

  3. Carlos: Thank you for your nice comment. I like Finland too :D
    Mariah: I can recommend visiting Finland in the summer with my whole heart! Winter is for adventurous souls :) Where in Finland did your grandmother grow up?


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