June 29, 2011


Lilacs, Lilacs...What a wonderful summer beauty, right here in our back yard!
(My mom's back yard.)
I just had to go and get some for inside too!

This is the kitchen window. 

The smell of Lilacs is stunning. So sweet, so beautiful!

My parents have three Lilac bushes/trees in the yard.  The smallest was blooming already, two bigger ones are just starting.  I cannot wait to see them in full bloom.  I surely will take lots of pictures and will post them here.  

We just got a Lilac tree into our yard in Central Asia.  I hope it survives the hot summer!

If you cut a branch of your Lilac tree, remember to put it in HOT water (my mom's tip; she used to work in a flower shop for years).  I used cool water, and after only one day these wonderful blooms were drooping sadly. 
I'm glad I did not cut more!

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