July 10, 2010

Family Hotel in Sivilri

(Part one of our family holiday adventure)

Otel Family is in Sivilri, about 45 minutes drive from Istanbul city center. Someone who heard that we will be going there called it a little bit older hotel...and I had nightmares of rusty water pipes breaking on us, mold in the bathroom and ripped wallpaper. I could not have been more wrong. It is beautiful, comfortable and friendly looking 4 star hotel right at the beach.

It has only 4 floors of rooms, so it has a family feel. And it is in two parts, the main part at the water and the newer part across the street (in the picture it is on the left, behind the stone wall).
If you walk down the stairs on the side of the hotel...

You come to the amazing sea view, a beautiful stoned yard, and some beautiful tan legs (Hi mom! Hi sis!)

Turn to your left, and you see the hotel from the back, the pools and the terrace restaurant.

There is a sauna downstairs. Not a Turkish Hammam, but a Finnish sauna. Who would have known.

There were couple of beautiful children laying around the pool...

...enjoying the view and the sunshine...

...the baby was part of the group. Amazingly beautiful, well behaved and wonderful children. I wonder where the parents are?

Ah. Awwww. No wonder!

This is the view from our balcony.

And this is the view from the restaurant, at sunset. My camera could not capture the beauty of the setting sun and the city on a hill, but it did quite well with capturing this amazing couple on their 32nd wedding anniversary, didn't it?

Hyvää Hääpäivää Äiti ja Isi!!!

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