August 20, 2015

Puppy puppies

Fitting to our current family situation, the choice for our family movie night was The Spacepuppies.
I really am surprised how much I enjoy having puppies around. 

We have people come in every day just to see the puppies and play with them.  

They are outside doggies, which means they spend the nights in our court yard.  
Just when you are falling asleep
yap yap yap yap.

Tomorrow will be sad though, when they leave to their new homes.  

It was hard to take photos of lively little creatures: 

We will miss them!

Good bye sweetie!
Mommy loves you and you can always come back home! 

But this picture will help me remember why we don't have seven dogs: 

Random bones and trash in the yard, dead berry bush, dead lawn, holes...


Cute, but not in too big doses! 

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