February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day! 

If I were in Finland I would send you a card to wish you the bestest Friend's Day ever! 
But I am in Central Asia and so I am sending you greetings through my bloggy. 

We did some heart cards with kids yesterday.  I decided to cover them with some pretty scrapbooking paper I had.   Then just some silver thread and our little Valentine's Day decoration is ready. 

I have been agonizing over this wall for couple of years.  What to hang there? 
I am not a fan of big paintings or pictures.  

But now it is serving us well with five hearts.

Two boys and three girls in our family!

And if more family members will appear, it is easy to add another heart :) 

For my darling I made a double card.
And covered it with scrap-booking paper as well.

Secret message inside :) 

My mixer broke down last week so I asked for a new one for Valentine's.  
Maybe we will bake something today when it arrives!
I copied a Brownie recipe from the net today...chocolate is a must on this day!

Sweet Valentine's to you!!!

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