March 14, 2011

Sunshine in her hair...

This is the second time I am linking my photo into I Heart Faces weekly photo challenge. There are such beautiful photos and skilled photographers out there that I do not often dare to participate. This week's challenge is 'Sun Flare' and I knew I have something.

This is taken in Finland...the Land of Lakes!
My oldest daughter wanted to swim...but in August the water was kinda cool.
I love Finnish landscape; lakes and green forests, so this photo gets me all nostalgic!


  1. What a sweet picture! The landscape really is gorgeous!!

  2. the colors are beautiful. cute blog :)

  3. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment! I was able to read them, but not to respond. Our electricity is 4-5 hours a day at the moment, and often it is not enough to keep the computer running...Now we are using the car to charge the batteries :)


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