April 8, 2017

Pink Ceiling for Master Bedroom

'The Winds of Change' have been blowing in our house interior.  I have known for over a year that we will need to make some changes in our bedroom organization, but we took it slowly. 

Shortly: we moved bedrooms and in between did a bit of this and a bit of that.  

I thought it would be a one week process.
It took three and half weeks. Three.and.half! But we are finally done.  

This is the view when I lay down on our bed.  I looked up and decided to snap a couple of pictures for you all.   

I made the green curtains couple of years ago.  The room has three huge windows, so I decided they will stay.  My plan A would have been happy turquoise walls with white curtains, but I had to choose plan B.  

Which ceiling color would go well with green curtains? I did not want grey, brown or yellowish tunes.  Green and blue were out.  I thought of pink.  The more I thought about it, the more I liked it.  I searched for photos of pink ceilings.  The biggest job was to convince my husband that it was a good idea :) 

I chose dusty pink, because I really didn't want a little girl pink bedroom.  Dusty pink has a tint of grey in it and it is a very calm and beautiful color, and appropriate for adults. 

Of course here you mix the paint by hand.  The first try was too light,  it looked almost white.  It was also a bit too peachy.  For the next layer we mixed several patches to get the right tint.  If I let my perfectionist side to take over, I would say this a bit too much color, but I will not go there.  

Husband approved and focused on the lights.  Even though this room is very light during the day, in the evenings the ceiling lamp was not enough.  

Now we have spot lights around the room that are on the box that was build to cover the heating pipes.  In addition to those there are led string lights around the ceiling for non direct lighting.  

We kept the old ceiling lamp but updated it with a round moulding. A bit of princess feel! 

What do you think? Is a pink ceiling appropriate for adults? For men? :)  

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